BIG BROTHER "Dave Updates" are back!

By: Dave Johnson
By: Dave Johnson

I think this season of Big Brother will shape up pretty nicely.  I think there were two things that stuck out to me last night.  Renny is crazy and Jerry is going to get played. 

First though Renny:  I guess when you're a little bit crazy like she seems to don't realize that in a situation like night one in the Big Brother house that it's important to tone things down A LOT!  She is putting a target on her back by sticking out from the crowd.  The right strategy in the Big Brother house in the first week or two is to lay low and find a couple people you think you can trust.  If you can do those two things you could win the game because if you lay target on your back early.  And if you find a couple people you can trust you may be able to ride that alliance all the way to the end.

I thought the other big thing that stuck out was Jerry.  He's such a sweet guy but his story was not told last night on the show.  I can't quite figure out why producers chose to leave out the fact that he's started working out 2 years ago when he found out his wife of many years was diagnosed with Parkinson's.  He wanted to be there for her and be strong.  It will be interesting to see when this fact comes out in the game and see how the other players will react.  I thought it was smart of Jerry not to bring that story out on night one with his house mates...but CBS missed the boat by not sharing that story with the TV viewers.  But watch the video in this blog for his story.  You can't help but love the guy and it's going to be sad when he gets blindsided, and he will.  The youngsters in the house will realize early on that he's a huge threat and they'll get rid of him sometime in the middle of the game.  I hope not...but I think they will.

The other quick things that stick out...Jessie relates EVERYTHING to his friggin' appearance.  Poor dork.  Will Ollie change from his conservative ways in the house...maybe have a cocktail?  Steven has will the house react? 

It looks like a fun season on Big Brother is ahead!

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