The Last Time I Read To Kids...

By: Brian Dorman
By: Brian Dorman

So Thursday morning I read to kids at Shawnee County Library at 9:30AM just in case you're in the area.

It's funny cuz everyone keeps asking me if I need help with any of the 'big' words and it reminded me of a really funny story.

THE LAST TIME I read to kids was at State Street Elementary school a couple of months ago. I was way too cool for school and didn't think there was any reason why I should go through and glance at the words before reading the book out loud. I mean honestly, if I can't read a book to 3rd graders than why in the world am I getting paid to read a teleprompter....right?

So here I am reading this book to about 40 kids and I am a quarter way through the book and the kids in the book came along and met a Hispanic family.......the only problem was the Hispanic family didn't speak much fact......they spoke almost all Spanish.

And I speak almost all English and despite two years of Spanish in college speak VERY little Spanish. I am a quarter way through a book in which the kids are enthralled and I certainly can't just close the book and move on to the next one. SO....I sound out those words in Spanish........they have no idea what I am reading, I have no idea what I am reading--and there is one girl in the class who obviously knows Spanish well enough to snicker at my misfortune---my mispronunciation.


It was really funny in the moment, even more funny looking back on it.

NEVER again will I read in front of a group of people without looking through the book first.......Lesson Learned.

And I am happy to say that I should be just fine with tomorrows three books that are easy enough for me to read. LOL.

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