I've Met My Match

When it comes to eating breakfast, I'm easy to please.  I don't need eggs, french toast or fancy fruit.......  just serve me a pancake and I'm a happy camper.

My  father-in-law and his brother recently came from Wisconsin for a quick visit.  While they were here, we grabbed a couple of meals out, including breakfast at the Almost Home Cafe in Grantville.   I, of course, ordered the stack of pancakes.  "You want the short stack?" asked the waitress.  "No, I'll take the big one", I said.   "They're pretty big," she said.  "If you can eat the whole thing in one sitting we put your picture on that wall over there."  I should have looked closer, because that wall had no photographs on it.

"Get the short stack," my dad....a regular at the restaraunt...advised.  "It's only a dollar more. What could it hurt?" I thought.

I'll tell you what it could hurt.  My stomach!  You see, the pancakes at the Almost Home Cafe are over a foot wide, and measure about three inches thick.  I tried my best but only managed to down about a quarter of the stack.  I used the excuse that I was late for work, but the truth be known is that  those pancakes whipped me! 

Next time I'll listen, but until then, I will continue to work on that stack until my to-go box is empty.


             My wife's lovely hand next to the beast.                              I'm told my pancake was a little smaller than normal.


                                                                                             That is 3 inches of pancake.

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