Call of Duty Camping

By: Nick Viviani
By: Nick Viviani

Should players, in games like Call of Duty 4, just sit in one spot like a sniper and wait for people to walk by, or are they being bad sports?

I was playing Call of Duty 4 this last weekend and I witnessed some players having some problems with some of the players on my team who were camping. For those of you that don’t know, camping is a player that sits in one spot, usually a sniper, and picks people off until they are forced to move or die. Many players dislike this type of game play stating that it’s cheap and takes away from the fun of the overall game. I would agree with this for some games, but many games are based around camping, especially a game like Call of Duty 4. But do these players complaining have a valid excuse or are they just upset because they were unable to conquer the sniper in the weeds???

I used to play sniper positions a lot. I loved sitting back and doing my job from a good distance away. Game makers put these styles of play in the game for a reason; otherwise they would leave the sniper rifle out of the game completely. The sniper rifle always has a slow rate of fire and high zoom capabilities that would make it very hard to run around the field of combat and dispatch enemies from up close. They are meant to sit back from half the field away and pick away at the opposing force until they are able to team up and remove the sniper or force the sniper back to a different position. With a sniper on the field, enemies reconsider running out in the open and force the players to work as a team.

Many times I have been forced to fight my way through a battlefield to find a lone sniper devastating my team from some hidden location within a building. It can be frustrating for a few minutes until you make your way into the hideout only to find out that he is in the next building or has moved to the next floor up. This is all part of the experience, which is completely legal to do. Snipers have no reason to run around the middle of the field.

Now if you’re a basic soldier with up close weapons with high rates of fire and short distance accuracy then you need to get up close and personal. But even they have the right to stay in one location and try to hold some ground. I would agree that it definitely slows the game play down but simulation games like Call of Duty 4 is not made to run out in the open. Halo 3 and more arcade style games are made for fast pace action which does allow snipers but doesn’t favor them.

In the end, I think that the people complaining are either being sore losers or need to realize the type of game they are playing and deal with the real life simulation. I have seen whole squads work together on a battlefield as one unit, like they should, with a sniper or two in back watching corners and reporting movement, while the other squad members move in and clean house. This is the purpose of the sniper or the individual holding a position and my opinion is that it is camping, but it is also legal and all part of the experience of the game. What do you think?

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