Two Books Worth Waiting 10 Years For

By Ralph Hipp

I've been encouraged to chat about books on my blog, which I'm always delighted to do.  And two very thick books released this month, are already on the shelves, long awaited by the author's loyal fans.  Maybe you can fill us in on how good they are, if you've started either one of these two best-sellers!

The first one is "Colonel Roosevelt," by Edmund Morris.  This is the third installment in his terrific biography of Theodore Roosevelt, right up there at the top of the list of bright, energetic presidents who truly transformed our country.  TR is sure one of my favorites!  (Gosh, I sure would have loved to have met him at one of his receptions in the anteroom of the White House.)  Morris' Teddy trilogy began with "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt," followed by "Theodore Rex," released in 2001.  In this past decade of his life, Edmund Morris has dug deep into the final chapter of Teddy Roosevelt's life out of the White House.  TR could easily have won another term as President, and been in White House for 12 years like his distant nephew, Franklin Roosevelt.  But promising to serve William McKinley's term, and then just one term of his own.. Colonel Roosevelt set off a strange turn of events that cost him the nomination (to William Howard Taft) giving Teddy time to start the "Bull Moose Party" and take his ill-fated journey down the "River of Doubt."  He contracted malaria and a leg infection that hastened his death in 1919.  Much more is detailed in this splendid story winning rave reviews from the critics.  All three books are being called "masterful and seamless."  I can't wait to start on this one.  I proudly now have the whole set on my bookshelf, and am listening to "Theodore Rex" on audio right now.

For you Tom Clancy fans who wonder where he's been, you've got your answer now in "Dead or Alive."  Off the scene for a decade himself, this master of the terrorism vs. military high tech writing genre is back with a story of the son of his first hero, President Jack Ryan (Jack Ryan, Jr.) and his colleagues at a place called "the Campus."  They're now waging a campaign against the terrorists who threaten western civilization. The most dangerous of these is the man they call "the Emir."

This sadistic killer has masterminded the most vicious attacks on the west and has eluded capture by the world's law enforcement agencies. Now the Campus is on his trail, determined to catch the Emir and they will bring him in... dead or alive.  And that's where they get the title.  (Does this sound a little G.W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden to you?)  That's why I can't wait to listen to, or read this one. 

Write your reviews to us of "Dead or Alive," or "Colonel Roosevelt" during your holiday reading.  Thanks!     Ralph the Reader

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