Teaching Our Kids to Say "Thank You"

By Ralph Hipp

Was very glad to hear from my nephew, and my two nieces recently.  I had a friend of mine send my nieces autographed copies of the Broadway show program from someone they are just nuts about.   He did sign two copies of his program for them, and their dad wrapped them up from ole' Uncle Ralph as a Christmas gift.  They loved it!   They thanked me in a note they sent on my Facebook page.

My nephew's birthday is January 6th, so Mike (who's now 14) always may have had that "Christmas present problem" of getting cool stuff all at one time, then waiting almost a whole year for the Christmas/ Birthday thing to roll around again.  I sent a Happy Birthday wish, to him on his mom's Facebook page.  And Mike (or hmmm, was it my sister...) wrote me a thank you for that!

These little stories a just a reminder of how important it is to teach our kids to write back and say "thank you" to someone who sends a holiday gift or a birthday wish, however it arrives.  Are we doomed to always get them on Facebook?  Imagine if we also took this a step further, showing our small children and teenagers the social graces of sitting down to actually write a thank you note to someone who did something nice for them?  When was the last time we parents did that?  When was the last time our kids sat down to write a note or a letter to anybody?! 

This could be a parental resolution, showing our children the social graces of writing "thank you" to a friend or relative.

After all, once they get married they'll have to write a WHOLE lot of thank you notes to everyone who sent them wedding gifts.. might as well start them early!    Ralph

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