My "Ole Factory" is Still Working!

By Ralph Hipp

As I sit here by my computer, I am smelling baby powder from somewhere.  Who has that?  Where's it coming from?  Anyway, I actually had the idea a couple of weeks to write some kind of a blog about the most instant memory-recollector we have.  Our sense of smell.  The scent of that baby powder immediately brought me back to the time when my older teenaged children were babies.  I loved being a dad to these little ones, and helping take care of them and making sure they were clean, happy babies.

And check this out.. my father never could take advantage of that smell test (good or bad!) when we were little!  Actually, back then, my mom did all the diaper changing.  My father had lost his sense of smell when he was eight, after falling off a horse and hitting a part of his head that knocked out his olfactory senses.  So if he couldn't smell, why didn't Mom make him changes the diapers anyway??!!

Back to memory lane.. I was also hit with the scent of a certain kind of chlorine last summer.  I was, in less than one second, transported back in time to my summer swimming lessons at a gigantic pool where dozens of kids in Florida went to swim camp.

And there's always a certain aroma of food that reminds us of a place, maybe like the smell of wonderful seafood reminds me of our trip to San Francisco last spring.  You can smell all types of seafood flavors when you're out near Fisherman's Wharf.  And most of the memories our olfactory senses remind us of, are good ones.

Remind me about a smell and a memory you have.  It won't take long!    Ralph

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