Do You Remember These?

By Ralph Hipp

Thanks very much to my North Topeka Kiwanis Club member Terry Tillotson, who sent me this presentation on an era that's gone forever, a time most of us were lucky enough to live in!  Do you remember these?

Playing hide and seek at dusk.. Red Rover, Red Rover.. kickball and dodgeball.. Ring around the Rosie.. London Bridge, hot potato and hopscotch.. you're it!  Parents yelled or whistled for you to come home, before they could text or call you on your cellphone.  Looking for shapes in the clouds, having the windows open for AC.. and listening to the sounds of the crickets.

There's also running through the sprinklers, looking in the bottom of your cereal or Cracker Jack box for the prizes.. breaking popsicles in half so you could share it with your best friend.  (I would add watching your tongue turn red!)  But wait, there's more.. Watching Tom and Jerry on Saturday morning, or catching lightning bugs in a jar at night.  Jumping on the bed and having a pillow fight.  Then Bedtime Prayers and kisses Good Night.

Do you remember the way school smelled when it rained on the concrete?  The dust and smell of cleaning your chalkboard erasers?  Kool-Aid was the drink of the summer, unless you took a swig from your garden hose.  Giving your friend a ride on the handlebars of your bike!  Sticking pieces of cardboard or even trading cards on the spokes of your bike to make it sound cool.  Mom was always home when you got home from school.  Earning a quarter for your chores was great, but getting a 2nd quarter was a miracle!

Any parent could discipline any kid, or feed him dinner, or ask you to help her own kid bring in their groceries.  And nobody thought anything of it.  Decisions were made with an "eeny-meeny-miney-moe."  And "race issues" were really about who ran the fastest.  Your abilities were seen in a "double dog dare."  And you'd just giggle and after spinning around and falling down!  The worst thing that could happen was being picked last for a team.  The ultimate weapons were water balloons, not guns.

If you remember these, you joined me in living in a much simpler time. Close your eyes, and go back.. and share more of your memories with us!

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