Identity Theft: The Quiz

By Ralph Hipp  Thanks to Robert Baker of Housing Credit and Counseling for really waking us up on identity theft during "13 News at 4" Monday.  Every four seconds, someone has their identity stolen.. and Baker says getting your Social Security number is TARGET #1!!  Having your identity stolen by hackers and thieves could cost you 600 hours to clean up the mess, and it costs our country $48 billion in account losses.

So why not try some of these questions Robert left for us to answer, and see how much you know about this rampant problem.

1. If I receive an e-mail from a company I do business with, and their logo is on it, I can give them whatever information they ask for.

2. If my caller ID shows that the call is coming from my bank, I can feel safe about answering any questions they have.

3. Even if I have my credit cards in my wallet, an identity thief can still charge purchases on my account.

4. Reviewing my credit report often is a very good tool for catching identity thieves.

5. It is not safe to e-mail my user name and password to my bank even though they they already have it.

6. If I take my Social Security card out of my wallet, it's not likely anyone can discover my number.


Let's see how you did:

1: False, 2: False, 3: True, 4: True, 5: True, 6: False.

Hope you got 'em all right!  These questions and more, plus informative tips to protect yourself, can be found at:

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