It Starts with the Letter "J"

Some notes from the newsroom on people whose names all start with the letter J.

Take Jay Leno.. some of my co-workers are weighing in on Jay's new 9:00 program which TIME Magazine says will change the future of television.  I like Jay Leno, and laughed at his standup routine many years ago! but I gotta tell you folks, the early buzz on this show is not so hot.  Another host with a J.. Jack Paar.. did what Jay Leno is doing now.  Do any of you remember Jack Paar?  He hosted "The Tonight Show" for 5 years before he walked off the show after a run-in with the network over a silly joke.. he later returned, but decided to retire, making way for Johnny Carson in 1962.  Anyway, Jack did go on to host his own very popular 9:00 show (only on Friday nights on NBC) with Charley Weaver, Bea Lillie, Jonathan Winters, just some of his good friends who were also very reliable Tonight Show guests.  And Jack Paar was also so much of a heavyweight that for John or Robert Kennedy, or Richard Nixon to walk on on as a guest was also "paar" for the course.  Fabulous show.  Watch it on DVD.

Jay Leno needs to more of a show like that.  With a regular arsenal of guests who are surefire winners, probably along the lines of a Jerry Seinfeld, and some real newsmakers who are movers and shakers in the world that Jay can interview seriously.  Anyone that I'd give my eyeteeth to interview on our program over here!

And best wishes for speedy recoveries to two other very smart guys whose names "start with a J.." City Attorney Jackie Williams, who's only been on board for a few months here.. along with our station manager, Jim Ogle.  They were both injured in bicycle accidents last weekend, Jim down south on 29th from the reports I've heard.. and Jackie in a bike crash along the Shunga Trail on Sunday.  Jim, whom you've seen in our 13 News Commentaries on occasion, will need surgery on his elbow and pinky finger.  He's also cracked a few ribs and is having a painful time of it.

Mr. Williams suffered equally or more serious injuries, fracturing a vertebra which will require him to wear a neck brace at City Hall for the rest of the year.   This will definitely delay these men's work at staying fit and staying active in Topeka, and we hope they bounce back quickly.  I would also love if a bike shop could donate stationary bikes to these men so they can get back at it!   Ralph

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