Swap Ya!

It's been a thought in the back of my mind as more people lose their jobs and their paychecks.  When I drove by today's Swap Meet site at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Lawrence, it reminded me of it again.  Pretty sure that they'll have a big crowd over there, I was just wondering.. what if we had an entire daylong Swap Meet for Topekans??  You could bring anything you didn't need anymore and, not expecting any money from anybody, trade it for something you do need for your house.

I've thought ever since this economy went in the tank, we should all do a lot more things they used to do in the Depression days or other tough times.  Should all of us start thinking about bartering grocery items or stuff for the house without paying for any of it?  Or let's say someone finishes a plumbing job for someone for free, if they'll do a little carpentry work "on the house" for them. 

Updating this idea.. is there any online site where you can just arrange to exchange items?  No money changes hands, cause lots of families don't have it.

And on the swap meet idea, let us know if your organization may be hosting one.. and where we could find that.  Remember, we're not talking about a thrift shop giving away other people's stuff.  We're talking about regular folks in Shawnee County bringing over what they think is trash, for a chance at a treasure.

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