The Greedy and the Needy

Unfortunately, the holidays and the economic crisis are proving that America may be a country of the "haves" and the "have nots."  While we should always be proud of Topekans giving spirit no matter what the cause is.. our big cities are havens of the greedy and the needy.  The headlines prove it.. Bernard Madoff "made off" with millions from victims in his alleged Ponzi scheme, including director Steven Spielberg and the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles football team.. and many others over nine years! 

And did you see the report this morning on the wife of the CEO of failed and bailed Lehman Brothers?  Shopping at New York's finest stores, and spending almost $10,000 each time she visits a store! 

How do we explain this kind of behavior to the Chrysler workers who now get one month off from work because the nation's car demand hasn't caught up to their production.  Chrysler's one-month shutdown begins today, and who knows, by the time they come back on line, General Motors may have taken them over.

Let's talk about the greedy and the needy over this Christmas week.  Isn't there some way people with money can think about the rest of America?   Ralph

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