President Palin?

Okay, folks.. we're voting a new President and VP a month from Saturday.  It's crunch time for the Republicans.  When I cruise through my "favorites" of the news websites.. one headline sticks out.   

Obama Widens Lead Over McCain.

If you don't belive it, check these numbers out.  CBS has Obama leading McCain 50 to 41.. where's the other 9 percent? Undecided?  Some of the other polls are bearing out the same trends.  Here are the problems:

McCain should not have suspended his campaign Friday. 

McCain should not have cancelled his appearance on David Letterman.

He and Obama should have been working as the "lead horses" for their parties on the market rescue bill and moved President Bush to the margins.  In three months, none of this is going to be Bush's problem.

Some are wondering if he should have chosen someone other than Sarah Palin as his running mate.  Why didn't he choose a money man like Mitt Romney?  Is he saving Romney for Treasury Secretary?

More poll numbers now.. when other Americans were asked which one of the two who will debate tonight are really ready to be President.. the numbers are stunning.   70% agree Joe Biden is ready to step in as President.  It's about half that for Palin.

That's why tonight, the chips are all on the table for the election November 4th.  Palin will go "up or down like the stock market" depending on her performance in St. Louis tonight (especially after the Katie Couric interview.)  How much do you know about this?  How much do you know about that? 

Talk to me about whether you think Palin is ready to be President.  Is she being over-coached by McCain's handlers.. or is is time, quoting an old phrase, to let Palin be Palin?   RH


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