A New 9/11: The Twin Towers they WANT to Crumble

At first, hearing about it on CBS Radio News at 8:00 that morning, I thought it was a small plane that had strayed off course and smacked the World Trade Center.  Soon we all were horrified to learn what was really unfolding in front of us.  Now, seven years later, still longer than it took us to fight World War II, the memories of the jets and fireballs come roaring back.  We're all pondering if plans are in the works for another attack, but friends, I'm afraid to tell you I think it's gotten much more sinister.

Political and military leaders need a "bad guy" to put a face on evil and garner support for military action.  For FDR and Harry Truman, they were the faces of Hitler and Mussolini.  For George Bush and Dick Cheney, those faces were Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.  I have never interviewed any terrorists and I am only surmising what may be going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the scene may resemble ants racing out of an anthill.  By the thousands, by the millions.  They may be teenagers.. they may not be very smart.. but they are angry.  The new breed of terrorist would laugh at the fact that American airport agents are throwing away our toothpaste and shaving cream, as though a foolish infidel would ever try to hijack a jet and fly into another building.  I believe they want us to THINK they are planning another attack.  Terrorist organizations must be thrilled that seven years after 9/11, the United States has spent billions on homeland security, and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Even if their assets are frozen, the probably "internet-savvy" terrorists are well aware that our economy is sliding into dangerous ground with deficits that cannot be erased for decades.  And if they're aware of our housing crisis and thousands of Americans losing their jobs every month, I can only suspect they would be very pleased with that too.

Folks, the twin towers they want to see collapse in a burning heap of rubble are our Western culture and our economy.  If one of them or both of them fall, it will further their cause.   Terrorist organizations will continue the holy war until their rule is global rule.  On this September 11th, this is what scares the hell out of me.   Let me know what you think.

And let us never forget the people who left this world forever.. on a day that changed the world forever.   Ralph 

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