Thinking Outside the Box on Hillary and Gas

I could never be a politician.. because when I look at a problem (normally too quickly..) I come up with a solution that's probably too humorous and too amazingly easy to implement that no one would ever vote for it.  Will you vote 'yes' on my ideas today?  Here's what I'm putting on the floor for a vote:

Hillary Clinton ends all this nonsense about trying to win the Democratic nomination while running through the maze the party has set up against her.  Clinton announces today she is ending her campaign for the Democratic nomination.. and is immediately turning her forces into running against John McCain and Barack Obama as a strong independent, third-party candidate.   Clinton and her husband immediately begin preparations for their National Convention in Little Rock.     YES----   NO-----

Barack Obama ends all this nonsense about the federal gas tax holiday.. it has the makings of a great idea.  I have an even better one.  Let's say I'm in the U.S. Senate today, and Obama helps me introduce a bill where instead of some silly 28 cent a day gas tax break, Congress passes a law forcing the big oil companies to fund their own "economic stimulus package" for us.  Exxon Mobil, Shell, Standard Oil, Texaco, etc. must dip into their profits and begin sending checks or direct deposits for thousands of dollars to all gas-buying motorists and truckers.  Our checks from the oil companies could only be used for buying gasoline from them for the next year.    YES ----  NO----

Did you vote YES on the gas money?  Good.. they won't even miss it.    RH

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