How I Dropped my High Cholesterol in 1 Month!

I have battled high cholesterol for years.. mostly with grabbing a quick bite to eat between shows.  Some nights, I bring a nice dinner of leftovers from my wife, who's a great cook.. and we love fish, chicken and salads.  But the cholesterol numbers have usually been on the high side.  Now, for the first time.. I got my numbers into the acceptable range!  YAY!   Here's how I did it, and I certainly want to let you all in on my secret.

Fish oil caplets.

You can buy them at Sam's or some pharmacies.  I have started taking the gel caplets twice a day.  They're the 1200mg kind.  Now I'm up to three caplets a day.. usually two in the morning and one at night.  (Excuse me.. writing my blog reminded me to take another one.)  I have also just dropped the popular statin Vytorin, with questions about its price and how effective it is.  Now I'm going to dosages of Simvastatin, which also costs a lot less.  I love being on a statin regimen.. they keep your chol. levels down.. keep you mentally sharp.. and can ward off Alzheimer's in later years.

The fish oil caplets, the Vytorin, and a very nice 20 minutes of swimming three times a week.. dropped my LDL (bad cholesterol) from 135 to 76.. that's from the middle of March, to the middle of April!  I'm just astounded, and I couldn't wait to share my good news with you.. The fish caplets may have also dropped my HDL (good cholesterol) into a range that's too low!  I've gotta keep up my exercise to get the HDL levels up above a 40.  Then, after all those years, I can say.. my cholesterol's normal.   Check with your doc, there are always liver problems to watch out for.. mine's fine.. and I hope this will work for you, too!    RH

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