My Fave Spring Break Movies

With March Madness, you probably didn't even know I was gone.  Just came back Monday from spring break and some time with my wife and our high school kids.  It was nice spending some family time with them, and watching not only lots of hoops, but lots of movies.  Here's a list of some films you won't want to miss.. new and old.

NEW:  "August Rush."  What a fabulous film, another one I never noticed at the movie theatres.  It's the story of a baby placed for adoption while his mother was recovering from an auto accident.  Thinking her child died in the accident, she finds 11 years later that he is a musical child prodigy somewhere in New York.  Even with some dramatic license on the details of the amazing search for this boy, "AR" is a film that will lift your spirits.  Also stars Keri Russell as his mom, and Robin Williams as his mean mentor.

"I Am Legend," starring Will Smith as the last man on earth.  While August Rush is filled with the bustle of thousands of people in New York, this film shows New York City with nobody left.  Will's a doctor examining a virus that's wiped out the whole human race (or has it??) and the most touching moments deal with his loneliness.  (Incidentally, an arch on a busy New York street is featured in "I Am Legend" and "August Rush" as a prominent landmark in both stories..)

OLD:  "Judgment at Nuremburg" features an all-star cast in a 1962 movie that's every bit as gripping today.  I bought this on VHS for $4 and watched the entire three hours.  Spencer Tracy is named as the judge presiding over the tribunal of 4 Nazi war criminals in 1948.  Burt Lancaster is the most prominent criminal, a Nazi court judge who's now on trial.  The Holocaust films shown in the movie are real, and it's still stunning to believe this really happened.  "Judgment" really makes you think.. with legal arguments about our point of view.. and theirs.

"The Last Emperor" is the Oscar-winning Best Film from 20 years ago.  Also one I've had on my shelf and had never seen!  It's an epic story of Pu Yi, the little boy named Emperor of China, and his journey through the Boxer Rebellion and the Nationalist and Communist takeovers.  I like to read about, and watch movies about China right now.. and this one got me from start to finish.  It's also being re-released again this year as a collector's edition.. Loved it.. and the other movies I mentioned.   Maybe something to watch along with your favorite basketball games?    RH

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