The Bhutto Assassination: 9/11 and JFK Rolled into One

Years from now when whatever's going to happen in Pakistan has happened.. people there will point to December 27th as the tragic day when it all began.  The scenarios are frightening.. let's say Pakistan's President turned the other way and allowed opposition leader Benazir Bhutto to be free and loose in her campaign travels, and if she's killed.. she's killed.  (The third candidate in the January elections there, will boycott the vote, if one will even take place.)  Or how about this?  Osama Bin Laden worked tirelessly with his minions, plotting to take her out of the political picture once and for all.  Not only that, if they can take control of the country, they can take control of Pakistan's 100-count of nuclear weapons.  Yesterday is going to be the day when it all began.

Those of us in our 50s witnessed the tragic unfolding of events after President Kennedy's assassination in 1963.  First, the escalation in Vietnam, Robert Kennedy's assassination, Richard Nixon's election, then Watergate.  But there were righteous triumphs that happened in civil rights and space exploration, to name two.

Even teenagers studying current events know after 9/11, we're living in a world where our terrorist enemies do not live under the rule of international law, or the structure of a national government.  Our world changed in 2001, and Thursday's assassination of former PM Bhutto is another one of those huge escalations of conflict and tension that turn a new page in the history books.  Bhutto's followers can only dream that her death and status as a martyr might galvanize the forces trying to bring democracy to Pakistan, instead of shoving it one step closer to becoming a complete terrorist state.   Keep reading and watching what's going on there.    Ralph

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