Survivor Sound Off

by Melissa Brunner

Most of you know I'm a fan of the show "Survivor." I've watched every season, analyzed countless alliances and strategies. I haven't blogged about it lately, but was so annoyed by this week's episode, I had to see if others share my frustration.

We've seen people leave the game before. Most of the time, it has been because of injury or serious illness. Jenna left the all-stars season because of her sick mother, who died a few days after she came home. But I don't recall ever seeing the flat-out quitting I saw last night. I really thought Kelly would change her mind, and I still don't understand what drove NaOnka.

My problem is that both of them will now sit on the jury. How do they deserve that? I think if you quit without urging from a medical doctor, you quit - and you're off. Either go with a smaller jury or take the two people who fell just shy of jury status. I know it's a tv show, don't take it so seriously, but allow me this guilty pleasure - and let me hear from those of you who do the same!



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