One-and-a-Half Men?

by Melissa Brunner

The Charlie Sheen saga just won't end. Instead of taking a break from his show, heading to rehab and returning a self-proclaimed better man, he's going on public rants against his boss, "Two-and-a-Half Men" producer Chuck Lorre. It came to a head this week with Lorre and CBS pulling the plug on the rest of the show's season, rather than simply taking a short hiatus.

We could talk about whether Sheen needs to grow up, has gone crazy or needs an intervention - and feel free to weigh in on that if you want - but let's brainstorm a bit about the show. Sorry if you think it's completely inappropriate humor (and it has been uncomfortable to watch the "Charlie" character in light of Charlie's real life lately) - I do find it funny, albeit inching across the line from time to time!

What I think sets good comedies apart from others it the strength of supporting characters. Jake's teenage years, Alan's struggles, even Berta and her family have given the show a lot of areas to explore. Could the show go on with just the "One-and-a-Half-Men" of Alan and Jake? Or should we bring in a new character? There's a joke going around today about John Stamos possibly joining the cast. I've enjoyed him on other shows. The trick would be how to introduce a new character so it would make sense. What I would hope they wouldn't do is have another actor portray "Charlie Harper." Maybe it worked for Darin on "Bewitched," but I just don't think I could buy it here, especially given how long this show has been around.

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