Making Christmas Cards

by Melissa Brunner

Many of you know I love scrapbooking. Before I launched into a scrapbook, though, I made a few cards. So now that I have a few fancier tooks at my disposal, I thought it would be fun to make Christmas cards. I first tried it last year, and ended up with about half the people on the list getting a homemade card, the others getting store-bought. This year, I thought I'd start earlier so I could make more. The cutest stack of little penguins in stocking caps wishing family and friends a happy holiday now looks back at me from my table. Cards made - envelopes still unstuffed and not addressed! Different cards, same procrastination!

Then the other day, my husband chuckled and said I needed to read "Dear Abby." Here's the letter and response that caught his attention. What do you think?

DEAR ABBY: Five years ago, when my niece was 9, we came up with the idea of making Christmas cards and sending them out to special friends and family members. We both work hard to make sure each is attractive and in good taste, and we handwrite a personal note inside. We also print on the back that the card was “handmade with love.” This has become a tradition, and the cards are quite beautiful.

Last year, after we sent them out, I received a card from a friend with a small check inside. The card read, “I’m sending you this check so you can afford to buy ‘real cards’ next year.” I was, to say the least, hurt and offended. I wondered if others felt similarly, so I asked around and was shocked to learn they, too, thought I was “cheap.” Although it cost more money and time to create each card, no one appreciated them.

We won’t be making the cards this year, but how do I tell my niece why? I don’t want her feelings hurt, too. — Blue at Christmas

DEAR BLUE: Tell your niece what you were told — and by whom — so she won’t waste any more effort on these rude and unappreciative individuals. Better she hear it from you than one of the recipients.

As to the “friend” who sent the check, I hope you returned it and deleted her from your Christmas card list. What she did was uncalled for.



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