Here's Your Chance: Grammy Soundoff

by Melissa Brunner

I have to say, I've always enjoyed watching the Grammy awards. I grew up listening to and loving music of all types, so I would watch and dream of one day being on stage, giving an acceptance speech of my own.

Some things haven't changed - I'm still watching (though not really thinking that acceptance speech is in the cards!) and I can still count on an outrageous outfit - okay, a few of those. In fact, probably my favorite comment on Sunday's show was when Jason Segal (of "How I Met Your Mother" fame) said that once you become a big enough star, you can wear whatever you want! Think Lady Gaga being carried inside an egg and you get the sentiment. John Mayer morphing into Johnny Depp is a bit confusing, too.

On the fashion end, here's a link to a photo gallery on Yahoo! of what some of the stars were wearing:

What did you think about the awards themselves? Yes, they did give out a few of those - a very few! The producers said up front they wanted to focus more on the performances this year. Several of you commented about the audio. I agree that it did seem a bit garbled at times. In the producers' defense, it is tough to get the mixes just right for that many acts in that sort of venue in that short span of time - you can't exactly stop everything to do a new set of checks and tests each time an act switches. As for who won? I'm not sure it was such an upset that Justin Bieber lost to Esperanza Spalding. After all, the Grammys aren't based on record sales and name recognition. That said, how about Eminem missing out on the top awards again? Critical acclaim + record sales don't necessarily add up to certain wins, either.

What's your take? Biggest winners/losers? Best moments? Judging by the Facebook and Twitter feeds during the show, I know you have an opinion!


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