Fun Footnotes from MDA Telethon Training

by Melissa Brunner

When my friend, Sarah, asks me to do something, you bet I try to do it! She just has that effect on my - it's been that way since we met in 1998 when I was getting ready to do my first-ever MDA Telethon. Sarah was all of I think 8-years old a the time.

Anyhow, I blogged last summer about how Sarah had created bracelets to support MDA, as a way to pay forward all that the organization has done for her. They have stars, for all the "stars" who help MDA, along with the words "The Power of Love," for MDA's "Love Network" of TV stations and volunteers who work on the Labor Day Telethon every year.

Sitting in our general session Saturday in Las Vegas, they played a video with National Ambassador Zachary's family, who live in St. Louis. I did a double-take when I saw his dad's wrist - I thought I spotted one of Sarah's bracelets! I waited for him to appear again and, sure enough, there it was. I texted Sarah, who'd been following my Facebook updates from Vegas. A few minutes later, I get a return text. "Can you do me a favor?" she asked. "What's that?" I replied. "If you have your bracelet, would you mind giving to to Jann and tell her I want her to have it."

Well, of course, I was wearing my bracelet and, like I said, when Sarah asks me to do something, I try to do it! When the session was over, I found Jann. Our general manager, Jim Ogle, was a classmate of hers at Missouri, and, when I mentioned where I was from and that he was my boss, she let out an excited yell and gave me a hug - talk about the ultimate icebreaker! (thanks, Jim!) She was more than willing to accept Sarah's bracelet, immediately putting it on her wrist. Sarah was so excited when I sent her the picture!

BTW - Zachary's dad says the family did a photo shoot in Kansas City with the Gibbs girls, who are friends of Sarah's. That's how he received his bracelet. And don't worry - I have another one at home that you'll spot on my wrist from time to time, too! Sarah's own "love network" is reaching far and wide!

( see videos of our MDA General Session, including national ambassador Abbey Umali's inspiring performance, at )




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