Falling for Kansas Weather

by Melissa Brunner

It's been a slick few weeks around Kansas, not just on the roads, but also on the sidewalks, parking lots and driveways! Raise your hand if you were among those who fell victim to them and did a not-so-graceful plant on your backside!

Yep, count me among those raising my hand. I was headed to a meeting and parked in an area where I had to walk up an incline. It was Monday, when the ice had hit. For some reason, I chose to take the concrete instead of the grass right beside it and ended up on the ground, sliding down the incline. I thought I just might keep going off the walkway, across the parking lot and toward the highway, but luckily I stopped after a few feet. Of course, I looked around to see if anyone saw it before getting to my feet and taking the more certain footing of the grass!

Of course, there is a serious side to all the falls. Stormont-Vail had 27 people end up in its emergency room Tuesday and Wednesday due to falls - that doesn't count those who might have gone to an urgent care clinic instead. Broken bones and concussions are very real risks, which is why ice melt just might be our best friend these days.

Be careful out there, folks!


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