Dynamic Delphi *WITH VIDEO!

by Melissa Brunner

I was excited for a day trip to Delphi, but less than thrilled to hear the bus ride to get there was about three hours from Athens. It was more than worth it! The trip itself took us winding up and down through the mountains. The Delphi ruins are a fascinating relic of a world long past.


The ancient Greeks believed Delphi was the center of the earth. The myth goes that Zeus released two eagles, one to the east, one to the west, and they met at a spot at Delphi. From there, we heard varying accounts of how it came to be home to Apollo. What remains are columns from a temple to Apollo, remnants of the ancient marketplace, buildings called treasuries where people would leave offerings for the gods, the raked seats of the arena and, if you climb the steep slope to the top, the old stadium.


It seems everywhere you turn at ancient Delphi, you see something you missed before. You walk among what might appear to be a bunch of rocks at first glance, only to learn it is actually part of something important that became buried under hundreds of years of earthquakes, mudslides and other forces of nature. A museum chronicled the timeline of the old city and included several statues unearthed nearly intact.


The new city of Delphi hangs precariously over the edge of the Sea of Corinth. It’s another breathtaking, if not more modern, site to behold.


Enjoy the scenes!

 Inscriptions cover a rock

 The stadium at the top of the hill

 View from modern Delphi to Gulf of Corinth

  Temple at Delphi


Treasury of the Athenians

 Market area when you first enter ancient Delphi

 The theater

 Walking among the ruins




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