Little Changes to Help Your Health

by Melissa Brunner

I was glancing at Yahoo! for ideas on what I could blog about today - maybe the homeless man with the golden voice, Ted Williams (such a feel-good story! gosh, I hope it's not a scam); maybe Starbucks sorta-changed logo (seriously, they cut off the outside and made the middle part bigger - does that really warrant the grande headlines?). Then I caught a headline that made me put down my cookie: "7 Habits That Make You Fat." Gulp.

It's an article from Men's Health, and I confess that I'm guilty of several of the habits on the list. Among them: Taking big bites of food and eating quickly. I admit, my husband and I often eat dinner by grabbing ten minutes (or less!) together between the 5 and 6 pm newscasts. Tasting food longer helps your brain register that your stomach is getting full. Perhaps I need to put less on my plate and enjoy it more!

The article also warns against getting too little or too much sleep. Feeling tired can make you eat more, while sleeping too long tends to mean you're less active. The article also says to avoid soda pop if you hope to win the battle of the bulge.

I was also pleased to see a couple of the healthy habits I have. The article says it's a bad habit to not multi-task while watching television. I usually am cooking dinner, doing dishes, or working on a project while watching television. The author also says it's a mistake to not get good guidance, citing a study where people who received emails or tweets with healthy lifestyle advice tended to eat smarter and be more physically active. Guess the Cool Running, Daily Mile and Map My Run efforts are paying off!

Read the full article at the following link to find out why you want to keep serving dishes *off* the table and why you might need more fat on your plate:



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