A Happy, Healthy Year

by Melissa Brunner

I shared some of the top overall search topics of the year from Yahoo! last week. Today, I have a list of some of the top health stories and searches of the year!

Nothing tends to catch our attention quite like something that might affect how we feel and, in the worst case, threaten our lives. Reading the list, I noticed how many of the topics we've done stories on locally and that have generated interested on our wibw.com channel, too. Who wasn't grossed out at the thought of sleeping with bed bugs on your next vacation? How many people have had questions and concerns about health care reform? What about how the risks of concussions to young athletes have captured attention?

Also interesting to me was the comparison on what health topics we searched this year compared to last year - no H1N1 (aka swine flu) on the 2010 list!

Give it a look - and here's wishing you a healthy 2011!



WebMD’s Top Stories of the Year
1.     Bedbug Invasion
2.     Fatigued Nation
3.     Whooping Cough Returns
4.     Consequences of Concussions
5.     Understanding Health Care Reform
Top News Stories
1.     Children’s Medication Recall
2.     Pancreatic Cancer Linked to Soda
3.     Michael Douglas Throat Cancer
4.     Best Sunscreens
5.     “Extreme Restaurant Meals”
Top Celebrity Health Stories/Issues
1.     Michael Douglas/Throat Cancer
2.     Phil Mickelson/Psoriatic Arthritis
3.     Bill Clinton/Weight Loss for Chelsea’s Wedding
4.     Bret Michaels/Brain Hemorrhage
5.     Glenn Beck/Macular Dystrophy
Top Searches
1.     Shingles
2.     Gallbladder
3.     Gout
4.     Hemorrhoids
5.     Lupus

Search Trends
2010                                                   2009
1.     Bedbugs                                  1.   Head Lice
2.     Throat Cancer                     2.   Anal Cancer
3.     Whooping Cough              3.   Swine Flu
4.     Gluten                                      4.   Acai berry
5.     Vitamin D                               5.   Resveratrol
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