A Bird in the Hand (literally, in this case!)

The animal rescue adventures continue in our lives! We were at my father-in-law's house Sunday afternoon, where the guys were putting up with me watching E!'s pre-Oscar coverage (like six hours before the show - crazy, I know, but I digress). All of a sudden, we hear a banging noise coming from the front room, like something had fallen.


My husband, Doug, went to investigate and ended up on the front porch. There, he found a woodpecker had flown into the picture window. At first, he thought the poor thing had fatally injured itself, but when he picked it up, it shook its head and started looking around. We knew his head had to be bit foggy still, though, because he patiently sat while I grabbed the phone to snap a couple pictures with its camera  - it's not often you get such an up-close look at the subtle red and yellow markings.


My father-in-law brought out  a cup of water to try to bring Mr. Woodpecker around a little more. First, they poured it onto his beak with little reaction. Suddenly, out came a bright red tongue way out past the end of his already long beak into the water. That must have done the trick, because Doug set him down and off he flew into a nearby tree.


Glad you're feeling better, Mr. Woodpecker. We'll always have the pictures to remember you!





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