Oh, Christmas Tree - Some Assembly Required

No, we didn't spring for two trees this year! Instead, we took a walk through the Christmas tree farm and stumbled into a tree story that could rival Charlie Brown. After I jokingly pointed out a beautiful evergreen that soared some 18-feet into the sky, we spotted another cute tree. Still a little tall, but if we cut it a bit high, it would fit. We noticed a split in the trunk a ways up so selected a cutting point below that. The man came with his chainsaw, looked it over and set the chain to the trunk. It started to tip his way, so he pushed it back. It came toward him again, so he pushed it sideways. We all thought it was just the wind - until it came down and we noticed about a third of the tree still standing! Evidently, there was another split in the trunk that none of us had noticed. He told us to pick out another tree, but we insisted we could make this one work - and my husband said he wasn't going to cut down a tree and let it go to waste! Besides, the two parts fit together so well, they had to stay together! So, we loaded up both parts and gave the shakers and netters a good laugh as we insisted this would be the best tree ever. I tried to pay and got a laughter-filled, "I'm not making you pay for any two-piece tree!" Home we went, our tree parts secured to the roof. Indoors, we got the big part up in the regular tree stand, fashioned a watering can onto the smaller section so it would have a water source of its own, and, a couple screws later, the perfect tree is back together! No one could ever tell unless they know - and I'm sure you'll keep it a secret, won't you?!

 Missing something?

  Mini checks out the action

 Bam Bam helps cut the netting

 Ready for assembly!

 Fitting the smaller piece in place

 A couple screws... and we're in business!


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