Rudolph - Watch Closely!

CBS is airing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" at 7 pm tonight (Wed., Dec. 3). I love the show, but will watch it a bit differently, thanks to an email I received from one of our viewers. It points out some inconsistencies in the production - many of which made me laugh, which is why I had to share them with you. Enjoy! And thanks, Marc, for sharing with me!

1. In the opening credits, the copyright date is given in Roman numerals as MCLXIV = 1164. If they wanted 1964, it should have been MCMLXIV. Does this mean the special is now in public domain?
2. Sam the Snowman is given a banjo to sing "Silver and Gold." But no banjo music is heard while he's plucking the banjo.
3. They can't get the elf's name right, the one who wants to be a dentist. Sometimes they call him Herbie, sometimes Hermie.
4. Mrs. Santa can't get Santa to eat. But looking at the food, I can see why. The food is all purple. Even a K-State fan wouldn't eat a purple steak!
5. And yet, Santa gains at least 100 pounds in the few hours just in time for his sleigh run. I guess he sent out for pizza.
6. On the Island of Misfit Toys, the ruler is named King Moonracer, and he's a winged lion. It is said he flies all over the world to pick up misfit toys that nobody loves. So why hasn't he gone the short distance to Santa's castle to tell him about all the misfit toys? He has to enlist Rudolph and company to do it for him.
7. When Rudolph, Yukon Cornelius and Hermie/Herbie stay overnight in the doll house on the Island of Misfit Toys, Rudolph decides to leave so he won't give the others away with his nose. So, was Rudolph raised in a barn? When he leaves the house, he leaves the door wide open. I'm surprised the others didn't freeze to death.
8. Count the reindeer on Santa's sleigh. There are only 6, plus Rudolph. Aren't there supposed to be 8?
9. In a scene deleted by most showings, but is shown on DVD, Donner is on the ground saying of his son "That's my buck!" as he watches them fly off. Isn't he supposed to be hitched to Santa's sleigh?
And the most shocking mistake:
10. During the ending credits, the elf sends all the toys down with an umbrella to send them down safely. All but one. When he comes to the bird, he first gives the umbrella to him, then takes it away, and tosses him off the sleigh without it. But wait a minute! That bird earlier said he couldn't fly, he could only swim! So guess what happens when he goes down without an umbrella--or a parachute. SPLAT!
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