Experience My Election Day

From the everyday mundane to the numbers rolling in, I'm keeping a running timeline of my Election Day 2008. I'll try not to bore you, but we'll see if it gives you a bit of a behind-the-scenes perspective of a journalist's experience!

7:30am - Wake up time! My husband has to be to work by 9, and we always go vote together. I catch a few minutes of live coverage of Barack Obama going to the polls and my equal coverage mind thinks that the time zone will keep John McCain from the benefit of such free exposure on the morning news shows when he goes to vote.

8am - We're at our polling site across the street. This is the time we usually vote, and their turnout is more than double what is usually is at this time of day! We had good timing - just one person in front of us but by the time we were signing the book to get our ballots, six people had come in behind us. Plenty of booths are set up - the biggest delay is in the worker finding your name and reading your address to you. No one was at the electronic machine, so I used that while Doug used a paper ballot.

8:45am - Watched a few minutes of a roundtable discussion on the Early Show. Now, clothes are changed and I'm headed out to run some laps with the dogs - get them some exercise since their outings tonight will be shorter. I did an easy three miles, stretching out the legs since I'll be sitting a long time tonight. In my head, I'm going over various ballot issues and refreshing my memory on local races, tallying what I need to brush up on.

10 am - Must take time for a mental break from elections before tonight. I think I'll sort through some pictures from our Italy trip and watch last night's "Big Bang Theory" episode!

12:30pm - Headed to work - after picking up my free Starbucks for voting!

1:45pm - Proofreading graphics for what likely won't be the last time.

2:30pm - In the studio with Ralph, waiting to do a run thru for camera shots and graphic operations

 4:50pm - Preparing to head into the studio for Live at 5. Megan and Raubin have already checked in - Raubin went home to change; Megan's doing some final research.

5:30pm - Live at 5 is over. Time to do a final proofreading on the election graphics.

 6:30pm - Time for some pizza before we hit the air for four hours!

11:50 pm - Wow! A long night, but a lot of fun. Kent Glasscock, Joan Wagnon, Megan Mosack and Raubin Pierce had great analysis for us - and weren't shy about disagreeing, either. Kansas has a new Congresswoman, with Lynn Jenkins defeating Nancy Boyda - we just wrapped up live comments from both to end our night of coverage. Sorry there wasn't time to update while we were on the air - I sat down at 6:55pm and didn't even get up out of the chair until John McCain took the stage at 10:30! Hope you enjoyed the coverage. And remember - don't let the interest end after tonight!


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