Visiting Verona *Pics and video!

The charming town of Verona is where our Holiday Vacations group is spending its first two nights in Italy. Our entrance made us thankful for an experienced driver - the streets are so narrow and people stroll right down the center, it's a wonder any car or motorcycle would even try to pass through - let alone a motor coach with 42 passengers trying to pull up to a hotel! Nickoly's been here before, though! Strolling through the streets later, we once again marveled at the traffic as it raced us through intersections. Some streets, though, are reserved for pedestrians, and we enjoyed seeing the ancient architecture. Winged lions adorn many structures, a symbol important to the areas controlled by Venice long ago. On the romantic side, we saw the balcony which is where Shakespeare's Romeo approached his beloved Juliet. On the impressive side is the Arena - a mammoth stone structure once home to gladiators. It shows its age and one might think this is a mere oversized ruin, but it actually hosts several opera performances each summer - one thing that hasn't changed since ancient times is its open-air atmosphere!


 Our group walks under Verona's whale bone...

 ...been there hundreds of years - several theories on what will make it fall

 A tourist couple plays Romeo and Juliet

 Our group listens to our Italian guide, Gemmj

 Walking Verona's crowded, narrow streets

  The Arena

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