Survivor: Gabon *Flat Line of Dr. Marcus

For the second week in a row, we see a Survivor blindside. Unfortunately, Dr. Marcus was the victim. Why is it my favorite players seem to always succomb to the twists? I am glad they shook things up by not merging, like many expected. It'll be interesting to see if any alliances are broken by mixing up the tribes yet again. One thing's for sure - it elevated Kenny's position in the game. When did he become such a player? Do you like how these twists put the mentally strong players on par with the physically strong? Or do you think it gives the mentally strong too much of an advantage? Til next week!



Original Post: It's back! Another season of "Survivor" - this time in Gabon. Watching the premiere, I must say they've come up with some of the strongest personalities I've seen in a long time. It could make for some pretty good television! The Fang tribe (the yellow team)  began by making some questionable decisions - sending Michelle home first when she was one of their stronger members couldn't have helped in the next challenge and choosing GC as their leader probably wasn't their best move - choosing anyone as their leader wouldn't have helped because it became obvious pretty quickly no one wanted to listen to anyone! Though GC started sounding like an annoying spoiled child by the end of it, it probably was best to send Gillian home instead to give themselves a better chance in the challenges. We'll see if they come together in time to right the ship. I don't feel we go to know Kota (the red team) as well in the first episode because so much focus was on Fang losing all the time. The Charlie/Marcus partnership should make for some interesting times, though! Let me know what you think - and remember to join our live chats during Survivor on We had a great group during the premiere, and I'll try to be there each week to keep things going! Until then...melissa

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