SSG 10k Training Log: Handling the Heat

Less than two weeks into keeping you posted on my training for the Sunflower State Games and my first 10k, I've already hit a bump. I did not get my six-mile run in this weekend, as my friend Tony Estes of Fitness in Training suggested in my quest to add distance. Between taking the nephews to Thomas the Tank Engine and an all-day auction, I ran out of time - poor excuse, I know!  I did do five miles Friday and four miles Sunday. Plus, I loaded logs from a fallen tree for a while Saturday and Sunday mornings - I guess that was my weight lifting regimen! It's been a bit wet to hit my usual trails, so Monday, I did some incline intervals on the treadmill to simulate the hill training Tony suggested. I definitely could feel the body working a bit differently!

Tony was very nice about not getting a six-miler in - just do it this week, he said, and don't overdo other days trying to make up for it. More good news - the Governor's Cup run is moved to Friday night this year in conjunction with the SSG opening ceremonies. The new route should be less hilly - yeah! However, the 7 pm start time means acclimating to the heat will be important. Advice from Tony: "As it warms up, I'd recommend doing some late afternoon runs, 4:00 to 6:00 time-frame and in a few weeks do a few in the 7:00 to 8:00 range.  These will help you adjust to both the conditions and start time for the race.  Hill training will still be very beneficial for both the necessary physical and mental preparation for the race."

What about recovering? I don't know about you, but I sweat a lot when I run, and the heat makes it even worse. More advice from Tony: "There are a volume of recovery drinks on the market and I would advise finding one that you enjoy to take post-run, especially after longer and speed training runs.  Great Plains Running Company has several in stock and can offer helpful advice.  Additionally there are a number of resources online.  Gatorade is okay for electrolyte replacement but it doesn't fully cover recovery.  Also, compared to soda pop, it actually has more sugar and sodium so drinking a lot of either is not all that good for you.  Some is fine. a lot is not.  Water consumption is most important even though you do need to replenish electrolytes based on your level of perspiration.  You should consume enough fluids per ounce to equal half of your body weight in pounds on a daily basis.  A person who weighs 100 lbs. should consume 50 oz.  A person who weighs 150 lbs. should consume 75 oz.  This should not be just water, but all fluids including the fluids found in the 5 to 9 servings combined of fruit and vegetables that you should be consuming daily.

"Post-run, you have two windows that you must hit in order to speed recovery.  You must begin rehydrating within 15 minutes of completing your run and you must eat something containing complex carbs and some protein within 30 minutes of completing your run.  Fruit and whole grain bread products, yogurt and energy bars are all good choices of foods to eat, although eating something you enjoy is important too.  Missing either of these windows significantly delays your body's ability to recover and greatly lengthens the amount of time it will take your body to recover, especially after hard effort."
Good things to keep in mind. Happy running!


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