A Meal in Itself - and More!

Our latest guilty pleasure around the nightside newsroom staff are the Java Chillers from Sonic. Sometimes, we'll even play a game - Ralph will buy one in each flavor - caramel, mocha and hazelnut - and he, our producer Amanda and I will randomly choose which one we get. It's a wonderfully uplifting combination of sugar and caffeine! However, I also realize it would ruin one's diet to live on a steady stream of them, so I've tried to indulge in moderation. Today, I was running late between a meeting, grocery shopping, filling the vehicle with gas, walking the dogs and packing up dinner. I didn't have time for lunch, so I thought I'd whip through Sonic and use my 99-cent Java Chiller coupon. That was my lunch. Out of curiousity, I thought I'd check how much damage I'd done.  The regular size caramel Java Chiller has 540 calories and 18 grams of fat, not to mention 74 grams of sugars! Good thing I decided against tacking on the chedder bites - another favorite of mine, but with another 360 calories, 21 grams of fat and 910 mg of sodium! I prefer to think of both as ways to get my calcium intake for the date! The information I found opened my eyes, but it won't keep me from enjoying my treats. I've just learned that moderation is the key - and now I know how much moderation. A Java Chiller once in a while is okay, but Ralph better not be bringing any back from dinner with him tonight!

*Information from www.sonicdrivein.com


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