Morel Jackpot! (plus- misadventures in mulching)

Since I shared my initial morrell mushroom find just over a week ago, an exciting update on the competition between my husband and I! Now, I can't share where exactly this all unfolded, but I can tell you it was an accidental discovery. Doug gets the credit for first spotting them. He called me over to brag, thinking he'd maybe find four. As we continued looking together, we ended up filling his hat!

Not a bad haul, and some pretty nice sized ones as well. But check out the article from the Iola paper that blog-reader Lois sent me:

Check it out - you'll be impressed!


Oh, yes - I promised a story about my misadventures in mulching. Today I thought I'd impress Doug by starting to spread out the pile of mulch we'd dumped off near a trail that we cleared over the weekend. I was motoring right along when suddenly either my foot slipped or the pitchfork slipped or I just wasn't paying attention and WHAM! - spike of the pitchfork through my shoe into my toe. It hurt, but I didn't think much about it and kept working a few minutes longer. When I got back in the house, took my shoe off and saw the blood on my sock, I realized I must have put a pretty good hole in it, and I did! Does this mean I shouldn't help anymore? Or maybe I should just pay attention to what I'm doing :o)




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