Alphabet Soup... What's Your Office Jargon?

I was sitting in a meeting yesterday for the Community Blood Center's Community Advisory Board when two doctors started discussing an issue. They ticked off medical terms like they were going out of style when one of them stopped, looked at me and asked with a smile, "Do you have any idea what we're talking about?" "One plus one plus one equals three?" was my reply. So we took a few steps backward and they boiled it down in simpler terms. It's a reminder of how we all slip into our own world from time to time. I did it a few weeks back while out on a story. My photographer and I started talking about cover and file and cutaways and jip'ing and a woman we were working with said, "I love it when you guys talk shop!" Of course, in the news business we have to be quick to pick up on everyone else's jargon or we get lost pretty quickly. I remember one of my first news conferences during a legislative session. The veteran reporters started asking the then-governor about capers and colas and I'm thinking, "Someone is playing a practical joke with soda pop?!" Turns out they were talking about KAPERS and COLA - cost of living adjustments for the pensions for retired state employees. The latest acronym tossed around involved N-BAF - that's the National Bio and Agro Defense Facility the state hopes to attract to Manhattan. Walk into our newsroom and you'll hear vo and sot - that's voiceover and sound on tape. What are some of the more unusual acronyms and terms used in your industry - things that would totally confuse outsiders - and what do they mean?


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