I Need a New Grocery Store!

I admit, I'm a creature of habit, so the comings and goings of grocery stores in North Topeka probably have less to do with loyalty than my desire to know exactly where the bananas and microwave popcorn are. Since moving into our house eight years ago, we always shopped at Falleys. It was convenient, it was a smaller store and the people were friendly. When they closed last fall, it was very distressing to decide where to shop next. Price Chopper, Dillons and WalMart are all also close by. But the twisted logic in my head made it difficult - I didn't really want to go to Price Chopper because it's the same company that owned Falleys and I was mad at them for closing "my" Falleys; Dillons introduced that whole discount card concept to the market and I really don't like signing up for cards where they sell your name, even though you can opt out and have them not do that, but still...; and WalMart's grocery layout just didn't appeal to me - tried it once and felt like I was pacing back and forth - plus, I get distracted by the clothes, the appliances, the scrapbooking supplies, etc., etc. So I was back to Price Chopper, where, yes, I still had to sign up for the card so there goes the Dillons objection! But some of the people from Falleys went to work there so it wasn't so bad. And now that I'm just getting used to where everything is, word is they'll soon close. What's up with that?! A girl's got to eat (and her husband does, too!)! I'm sure I'll settle on a new choice and adjust just fine, but it's an awful lot of upheaval for a loaf of bread - if I can find it!
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