"Survivor: Fans v. Faves" *And the winner is....

Parvatie is the sole "Survivor" - and I'm not surprised. It is said that time heals all wounds - and for Parvatie, it was a million-dollar Bandaid! As often happens, someone goes behind someone's back and orchestrates the big surprises; the person blindsided is mad, but by the time jury voting roles around, they've calmed down enough to realize it's a game - and they were outplayed. The ringleader earns their respect - and their vote. I said last week that Amanda's acting drama was getting on my nerves - and you could see by all the rolling eyes on the jury that I wasn't alone. She did herself in. For example - when Cirie asked, "Why does Parvatie deserve a million dollars more than I do?" Amanda shouldn't have said how great a player Parvatie was, she should have said, "She doesn't - and that's why she's sitting here instead of you!" Instead of having that long-faced, puppy-dog, "I-was-the-nice-girl" attitude, she should have been pointing out how she was strong and won challenges and did just as much game-playing as Parvatie. Parvatie was honest and didn't make any apologies and, in the end, that's what won her the game. That said - what was up with Natalie's tribal council question? And Ozzie's comments to her - ouch! But he said afterward it was all good again - I'm sure Amanda had something to do with that! Until next season in Africa....


Posted last week: Being a fan can be a bad thing, and that's exactly what did Erik in! He was so star-struck wanting Amanda to like him, that he totally blew it. He knew winning immunity was his only hope - that's why he was playing all the women. But they played him right back. First, Amanda and Parvatie played him to get him to send Parv to exile island and Amanda on the reward. Then, Natalie played him to get  him to give her the immunity idol. And Cirie came up with the idea! The moment he handed it over, all the poker faces went away - he had to know he just made a bonehead move. Of the final four, I'm not sure who I like. I admire Natalie for being the last fan standing; Cirie has sort of coasted along like she did last time; Parv has weaseled her way back and forth; and Amanda's acting jobs are getting on my nerves - like her first time around, she's made it this far by alligning herself with the right people. Of course, that also means the finale could get interesting. They all seem to think Amanda is a clear frontrunner, but I'm not so sure! 

Original Post:  It's back! Another round of "Survivor!" This one has fanatic fans (no, they didn't ask me - but they should have!) taking on favorite Survivors from competitions past. I thought the debut Thursday night was okay, but what is with people hooking up already?! Sorry, not a fan of Amanda and Parvarti's strategies. And what's up with Johnny Fairplay? I'm not sure what to think about his heart-on-the-sleeve exit. I'm left with feeling like we all played into his latest scam - his very appearance on the show. He came in, forced his "tribe" to divide into two alliances right off the bat, played them against each other, then got out of dodge leaving who knows what kind of situation in his wake. I think we've all been played! Soooo...how long do those budding romances last? And please, James, don't let it blind you to what's going on! And Yao Man - how many people cheered when he took Fairplay out going after the immunity idol?!

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