My Turn - Spilling My Own Secrets from the Set!

I told on Jeremy last week, so I'll fess up and give you some insight into what I was doing during commercial breaks today! In case you couldn't tell, I developed some nasty congestion over the weekend. I'm freaked out that it will make me lose my voice, like I did at Thanksgiving, so I started medication early and I'm taking the regular doses. Trouble is, it's giving me a severe case of nasal drip! All day long, I've tissues at my side - that includes during the newscast! Poor Jeremy came to sit at the set after his weathercast only to have his feet bump into the trash can our camera operator brought over for me - so I could throw all my tissues directly into the trash can! Believe me - it was a bunch! The added challenge is that every time I blew my nose, I was wiping the makeup off the end of my nose - talking about looking like Rudolph! So tonight, most times I was off-camera, I was blowing my nose - and putting more makeup on. I'd love to hear any tricks you have for getting rid of this stuff. Oh, and recommendations on the softest tissues would be nice, too!


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