When Your Brain Blips

Part of what makes my job fun is that the newscasts are live television. Part of what makes it challenging is that it's live television! Sometimes, my brain and my mouth just get a bit out of sync. I like to call these moments brain blips. I might have in my head this really great thing I was going to say and when I try to get it out it just kinda rambles on and when we get to the commercial, I'm left asking what I just said! It happens in everyday life, too. I'll be going along saying something and then I'll just stop - whatever I was going to say next suddenly vanishes. Usually, it comes back in a few seconds - it's like my mind hits the pause button for a moment. Of course, it never does that to bail me out when I'm about to say something silly! No, those things just tumble right on off the tongue, don't they?! Then there are the times you're left pretty speechless - or know that whatever you want to say you probably shouldn't! For example, at the end of the 10 pm Thursday night, we had a story about the first public pay toilet in New York City. Ralph got off the best line - saying he was "flush with excitement" talking about it. But the possibilities were endless.


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