Kansas Caucuses: Anyone Excited?

The results of the New Hampshire primary brought a little excitement, with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama keeping us in suspense with an unexpectedly close race for the Democrats. The political parties are trying to stir some excitement in Kansas, too, being sure you know that the Republicans and the Democrats are holding caucuses. The state toyed with having a primary election, but concerns over how early it would have to be to be relevant and the $2 million price tag had the legislature balking and it never made it into the budget. So now, Kansas Democrats will join in the festivities February 5th - Super Tuesday - while the state GOP will hold their gatherings Saturday, February 9th. I'm wondering what kind of participation they'll get. Why will you - or won't you - be inspired to go? And is anyone pushing you to participate? In Iowa, campaigns were out in force, helping people get to their caucus locations. Think that will happen here? Kansas hasn't had a primary election in a long time. The thinking is that, by the time it roles around, the states who have had their primaries and caucuses have already decided who the nominees will be. And besides, the state's delegates will just end up going to the Republican candidate in the end, right? (Actually, Kansas has gone Democrat before. Lyndon Johnson was the most recent.) Is that thinking right? Or does it make the system wrong? I, for one, am a bit turned off by an election process that would discourage participation. These are the people who will lead our country and make the decisions that will impact our lives. If you're not inspired to declare a party and participate in a caucus, at least make sure you get to the polls in November.

By the way, caucus information for both parties can be found by clicking "News Links" on the home page!


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