I Love the Amazing Race! *Congrats, TK and Rachel!

First off -- when did the episode with Nate and Jen getting eliminated air? We totally missed that! All right, on to the finale.... as TK said at the end, "Nice guys can finish first!" And I'm glad they did. I know some people will say they were boring, but I thought it was refreshing to see people who were nice to each other and respectful of their competitors win the race. Actually, any one of the final three teams would have been okay with me. Yes, Ronald did get a bit harsh with Christina, but he genuinely seemed to be trying to improve himself. I do wonder what would have happened had Nicholas and Donald not forgotten to grab their gear from the store. Donald did impress me - 69-years old and never really complaining about keeping up with the young kids. As for the next Race, I'd love to see a little more drama enter into the final leg with perhaps another spot where they catch everyone back up, or hide the clue boxes or finish mat a little more, so that instead of just arriving at the finish line location first, you have a challenge in actually finding it that might make a difference in first versus second. Until next Race, any ideas for the producers?!

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As much as I love Survivor, Amazing Race is probably my favorite Reality Show. (and there are plenty to choose from these days!) I love watching it for the amazing sites around the world, to see how the teams work through challenges and to try to figure out all the logistical production tricks! This Race is down to the final five! I must say I've been quite impressed so far by the so-called Goth couple, Kynt and Vyxen. They've worked really well together, although we did see them get testy with each other for the first time last week. I also like the grandfather/grandson team of Nicholas and Donald. If you haven't checked it out, tune in this Sunday after 60 Minutes on CBS. Especially if you like world travel, you might find yourself hooked! If you're already a fan, let me hear from you! Who are you rooting for?


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