An Important Reminder for Pet Owners

by Melissa Brunner

Take a look at the sweet face below. Do you know him?

On my run this morning, this dog came loping between the houses, tail wagging, into the street to see me. He wasn't wearing a collar and I didn't see anyone he might have been with. A few steps later, he stopped and watched me continue around the semi-circular street. By the time I got to the other side, I could see another runner where I'd just been. By the time I jutted down another street and doubled back, she had made it around the semi circle as well, dog at her heels. I asked if it was her dog and she said no.

We stood there awhile, dog wagging his tail between us, head moving from one to the other for a scratch of the ears. I'd asked a couple people in their yards and we stopped a man driving past - no one had seen this dog before. A friend of mine lived nearby, so I said I'd see if she was home and put the dog in her yard until I could come back with a vehicle to get him.

I'm surprised the neighbors didn't think I was breaking in! I circled the yard to be sure the gates were all secure, then made a move to leave. Puppy did not like that! Evidently, he's a social guy and wanted me to hang out a while! So I found a tie out in the yard and borrowed it as a makeshift leash so puppy could jog home with me without fear he'd run out into traffic again. ((BTW - my friend tells me she was amused by the messages I sent her while this was going on!))

Puppy stayed in the dog crate in the garage until Helping Hands Humane Shelter opened. I loaded him in the back seat. He promptly climbed into the front seat and wanted to lie in my lap while I drove! We settled on him in the passenger seat, with his chin in my hand being rubbed!

Puppy is now waiting for his family to find him at Helping Hands. If he is yours, please go see him! And if not, you'll find lots of sweet faces like his at the shelter!

When I dropped him off, the animal control officers asked I please pass along this story as a reminder how important it is to have a collar and tag on your pets. Granted, he might have had it and it somehow came off in his travels - that happens. But if you don't have a tag for your dog, make it a priority to get one. That little circle or bone or heart with the vital information on who to contact could be the only way they'll someday find their way home to you. 

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