Snowfall Forecast Contest Winner!!!

OK... eventually I am going to win one of these. :)

But for today... it's official...

Michelle Griggs Thompson is the Greatest Forecaster In The World ... for the moment.

I opened up the Snowfall Forecast contest at 3PM on Tuesday... looking for the first person to guess the total snow that would fall Wednesday... and Wednesday night.  Just 6 minutes after I opened the contest... Michelle used her great forecasting ability to tell me 4.4 inches in Topeka.  Great work!  Michelle put her accurate projection on my Facebook page... if you want to check it our, or follow my updates there.  There were just over 200 entries this time.

Honorable mentions also go out to Yvette Croder-Dean... who had the same 4.4 inches as of 3:07PM.  Yvette was just one minute slower than Michelle!  And both had the answer within 7 minutes of the opening of the contest!  Great stuff guys.  

And... one more honorable mention.  Giles was not as early... but guessed 4.45 inches on my blog at 8:13PM.  For those of you who are going to take part in the contest... keep in mind that snow is only measured to one decimal point.  So... I am going to round down since I make the rules.  :)  But Giles from Topeka can be considered one of the Greatest Forecasters In The World... for the moment.


Matt Blanchette wins the sports team match-up this time with 4.2.  If you remember... JB Bauersfeld won the last version outright.  I was off by 0.1 inch and JB went 0.1 above me "Price Is Right Style".... and hit it on the nose. 


And... my report card.  I went with 5.1.  I was forecasting 2-4 inches widespread with isolated locations going to 5 inches.  I went with the high end because extremely cold temperatures tend to make fluffier snow.  Frankly, we have done well with snow forecasting this season.  Winter storms are the hardest thing we forecast... and can be quite humbling.  So far so good this year.

Thanks for taking part again! 

And congratulations to Michelle Griggs Thompson...


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