Brandon Spikes - Updated

By - Jeremy Goodwin

Before you watch this clip of video... it is Brandon Spikes of the Florida Gators... trying to gouge the eyes of a player who is down. The video evidence is absolutely clear.

Now... the team has suspended Brandon for the first half of their game verses Vanderbuilt for this action. What? 

Yes... this person is apparently so valuable that they can only lose him for 1/2 of a game verses a team that has no chance to beat them.  What example was set here?  I know that cheating goes on in sport.  And, I know that in the pile after a play... eye gouging happens.  And the stuff you don't see... is often worse than what we do.  But, it is up to somebody to set an example when a player makes a thug move like this.  Shame on Florida for not doing something more.  1/2 of one game?  Really?  What motivation is there for somebody not to do this, the next time?  And, please don't tell me that he will have to run laps, get up early, or get a butt chewing.  That's not punishment.  It sets no example.  This is not cheating... it is right on the gray area of "criminal". 

Remember... most of the kids you see playing in these games will never play NFL football.  So, they are literally placing their life on the line as part of their college experience by playing these games.  But the idea that a player on the top ranked team in the nation... can try to poke the eyes of a player who is down... and get this small of a punishment is just sad. 

My hope is that he will know better next time... but frankly... nobody stood up and punished him for the action. 

Really though... what kind of human does this?  And, how hard is it to chear for your school/team after you see something like that... and no punishment is handed down. 


Updated:  November 4, 2009

Brandon Spikes has suspended himself for the entire football game verses Vanderbuilt now.  I still see this as a weak penalty.  Life goes on. 

Good luck to him, and I hope that he has learned something from this. 

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