BCS Stinks

Put simply... the BCS Stinks.  It's a terrible... terrible system for "crowning" a national champion of NCAA Football.

Today... I heard the coach of Utah(13-0) say... "we are just honered to be in the conversation".  They finished ranked #2.  Could Utah beat Florida?  I don't know.  Could Oklahoma beat Utah?  I don't know.  I do know that Texas beat OU on a nuetral field.  I do know that Texas was one miracle play from being undefeated(because they would have killed my Tigers in the Big 12 Championship).

That a sport that gets so much attention & money... can leave us feeling no sense of a true "winner" at the end of the season is amazing to me.  If you are a Florida fan this year... you are elated.  You won!  If you are a team that lost 3 or 4 games... it's pretty clear that you were not the best team in the nation.  But... for those 8 or 10 teams at the top(with one or 2 losses)... there is no closure to the season.  You lost... but perhaps it was because of a slip back in September... or October. 

I just continue to be baffled that we allow voters to determine a champion.  VOTERS!  Sure, they are qualified voters... but the reputation of a Florida... will no doubt get a few votes more than the football reputation of a Utah.  Don't get me wrong... I am not a Utah fan.  I am a MIZZOU grad for goodness sake.  My boys were done when Colt McCoy found his way onto the field this season.  Ohhhhhh... that was a bad day.  But, for you KU fans... you KSU fans... you Nebraska fans... whoever you root for!  Keep in mind... that in any given season... your team should begin each year knowing that winning it all is possible.  They should know that it is possible to go out and be a "champion".  Instead... I have to hear the coach of Utah tell a press conference, "we are just honered to be in the conversation".  That is BS frankly.  And, to say that I don't believe his words... is an understatement.  Ask that man how he feels about the BCS behind a closed door between friends and I guarantee you, he would state it differently.  He would check to see if there were any recording devices in the room... then I am sure he would be an interesting conversation.

So tell me this... if you were the coach of Utah... going into the 2009 season... what do you say on the first day of practice to your team?  "Gentlemen... if you go out there and risk life ending injury for me... every day... you can win.  If you work harder than you have ever worked before, and beat our competition you will be a great team.  You have an opportunity in your grasp to be "in the conversation".  Yes, gentlemen... we might go out there and win 13 games and lose to nobody... just like last year... and after beating our competition... every week for 4 months... we are sure to get an honorable mention".

Question from Freshman on a knee:  "But coach... what does it take to be champions".

Answer:  "Ummmmmmmmm.... well son, when we recruited you... you did notice that we were not Oklahoma, Texas, LSU, Ohio State or Florida.  Son, the truth... is that we can't be champions at Utah.  That's not the way it works in NCAA Football.  We play to be part of the converstation". 

Amazing to me, that we have a system that does not allow the chance to succeed to the fullest.  In all walks of sport and frankly in life as Americans... we have been taught and even seen evidence that hard work and some luck can take you anywhere.  I find it ashamed that it isn't true in NCAA Division I Football.  Worse... is that next year I will write this blog again and just insert another school instead of Utah.  Here is the truth... if you do not play for one of about 15 teams that are already known "frontrunners"... you can begin the 2009 season knowing that you can not make it to the top.  Your goal on day #1 of practice... is to be "in the conversation".  Good luck motivating people with that mentality.  Instead... we will simply get to continue watching college players leave school early... to the NFL, which has a tournament. 

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