I Ate A Jalepeno

At the end of our 6PM Newscast on Tuesday... I decided to eat a Jalapeno that was meant for the Jalapeno Eating Contest at Fiesta Mexicana.  I am a Jalapeno eater... and often get them on my sandwiches. 

This one was different. 

I was OK for about a minute.  But, when the camera turned off... I raced to the water fountain and drank for about 5 minutes solid.  When I couldn't hold water... I just allowed it to go in my mouth and fall back into the fountain.  After 5 minutes of wishing I hadn't done it... and laughing at myself because it was pretty funny that I did... I walked away from the fountain toward our "live truck".  My eyes welled up with tears and my nose began to run... as my mouth again caught fire.  Soooo... I ran back to the same fountain and repeated the process.  After almost 10 minutes of mouth rinsing and questioning why in the heck I had willingly done this... I was now at our "live truck" with a bottle of water.  I was sweating more than before(it was hot outside anyway but now I was sweating more heavily).  At the live truck I now realized that my nose would not stop running.  It was pretty gross.... but again... pretty funny.  I continued to rinse my mouth with a bottle of water, while occasionally taking a drink.  Yes... I know milk is better... but frankly... there was no milk around and the idea of washing my mouth out with beer or soda didn't sound any better than water.  The process of Jalapeno recovery... took a full 1/2 hour.  At one point... I really though it was going to come back up. 

As a guy who eats Thai food... and enjoys Jalapeno slices on my sandwiches... I can tell you... I honestly love hot food.  But, this pepper was a beast.  The winner of the pepper eating contest ate 21 of those things.  There is no way in the world... I could have done that. 


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