Arlen Specter Calls Out The New England Patriots.

Arlen Specter Calls Out The New England Patriots.

 WASHINGTON (AP) _ Republican senator Arlen Spector of
Pennsylvania has written a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell
(guh-DEL') expressing concern about the way the league dealt with
the Patriots and ``spygate.'' The incident, which took place months
ago, was closed by the NFL when it fined Pats coach Bill Belichick
(BEL'-ih-chik) a half million dollars and the team $250,000.

Jeremy's thoughts:
Are you kidding me!  When... did we elect these folks to regulate sports?  I can understand the steroids investigation, based on the fact that it is a drug... and that we are now seeing high school kids looking for "roids" and HGH.  But... when did Arlen Specter or anyone in the Senate take charge of the NFL? 

I am curious to know... if the New England Patriots had lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs... would Specter be raising this issue?  While I appreciate Mr. Specter's concern... there are a few larger issues he might pay more attention to.  If he needs help picking some... let me help.

#1   War in Iraq
#2   Mortgage Crisis
#3   Massive Credit Card Load
#4   Illegal immigration
#5   Energy Crisis
#6   Global Warming
#7   Poverty
#8   Homeless Veterans
#9   Health Care
#10 Find Out More About New England Patriots Spy-cam?  Ummm....

I could make a list of probably 1,000 different items that are truly urgent concerns.  Infrastructure,  Domestic Terrorism, Discrepancy in quality of education... on and on.  This guy went to work... and thought... "I am concerned about this whole New England Patriots spy camera". 

Of course... I am a "Meteorologist" or "Weather Man"... and I am writing a "blog" about a Senator... writing a letter that will lead to nothing.  So I have probably wasted your time... by wasting my time... writing about a Senator wasting time. 

I will go back to work now.


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