Why Does It Cost More To Eat Healthier?

By: JB Bauersfeld
By: JB Bauersfeld

J.B. Bauersfeld

Today, I went to a local restaurant for lunch (I won't mention by name).  I ordered a chicken wrap and asked to have a cup of fruit subbed for a bag of chips.  Now I've done this in the past at said establishment and incurred neither issue nor extra charge.   But today, I was charged an extra $1.49.  Am I going to go broke from an extra dollar and a half at lunch today? No. But it points out a larger issue in our culture.  We are being encouraged to eat LESS healthy.  

Perhaps you've been to a casual dining establishment and subbed a salad for french fries.  "There's an extra charge for that," the server probably said.  "No problem" you most likely responded.

But I argue that it IS a problem.  Why should it cost MORE money to be more conscientious about what we're putting into our bodies.  This is a fundamental issue that I know we can't just flip like a light switch.  People will argue that fresh produce costs more than frozen potato products.  I come from a grocery background... I'm well aware of this.  That's part of the problem though.

Our government subsidizes certain crops (corn comes to mind), so farmers grow that crop (corn).  This has lead to an influx in corn based foods in our diet (high fructose corn syrup anyone?).  Again, I'm not here to argue for or against corn or any one crop.  I respect the hell out of our farmers.  My problem is one of a larger vein.

WHY DOES IT COST MORE TO EAT HEALTHIER?  I recently watched "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" and was disgusted that the pre-form crap was way cheaper.  We need to find a way that we are given encouragement to eat healthier. 

I don't have a solution (maybe I'm part of the problem).  I don't ask that you have one either.  I just want to encourage discussion about the topic.  Feel free to chime in with your  thoughts or similar experiences. 


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